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A graduate of St. Thomas University and a law school candidate from Universidade Gama Filho, Alexandre Ferrari is a mortgage broker by profession and the CEO of Ferrari Lending.

Ferrari started his professional career as a legal assistant at Lavenia D Santos Esq. where he was in charge of researching factual and legal issues, and drafting reports for attorneys. After working this job for about six years, Ferrari became a mortgage broker at Jagle and Associates, LLC – the role via which he truly discovered his love for the world of real estate.

As a mortgage broker, Ferrari was exposed to different aspects of the industry with all their intricacies. He was not only responsible for collaborating with the sales team to develop networks and advertising campaigns, but was also responsible for advising clients and informing them of changes in the real estate industry. Additionally, Ferrari was the man behind drafting documents and negotiating loan terms and conditions – a task that made him familiar with the ins and outs of the industry more than ever before. It was this exposure that made him truly understand what the industry was all about.

From Jagle and Associates, Ferrari moved on to work at a number of other firms including United Realty Group and SBA Communications. Throughout his professional career, Ferrari has held a number of different roles in the real estate industry from being a realtor, to a real estate financial analyst. With each role, Ferrari realized how much he enjoys helping clients find alternatives and financial solutions especially in cases where his clients haven’t had much luck working with other service providers.

With Ferrari Lending, Ferrari does not cater to residential real estate clients alone, but also provides quality financial and lending solutions to commercial clients. Owing to years of multi-faceted experience and expertise, Ferrari is adamant that he can provide professional solutions that are effective and relevant to each individual client’s expectations and needs.

When he is not working and helping people with their finances, Ferrari enjoys traveling, eating out, and going to the movies. He also takes out time for charity work and enjoys giving back to the community in every way possible.

Alexandre Ferrari

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